Mission Statement


We, the Free and Sovereign People of the United States of America, are charged the duty of our eternal vigilance to secure a free and enlightened future for all America and its future generations. 

Having petitioned for redress of reasoned and democratically originated grievances through the Articles of Freedom and having received no response by our elected public servants and their appointees, we find forthwith:

Through the Constitutional framework held sacred by the American People and the Natural Right to throw off undue provisions which violate principles of unbridled Liberty, procedural Transparency and economic Integrity;

We reserve the right to dissolve the powers granted by consent of the people to our public servants and their appointees for the purpose of government.  We propose a Continental Congress to enumerate, consecrate and re-establish those principles of Liberty held dear by all Americans and free-thinking Peoples of the World.

We call to task, Delegates representative of the fifty States, united in course of action - dedicated to preserving the principles of freedom for all persons - and do hereby convene this Continental Congress. 

We further reserve the right to dissolve the political bands and authorizations given by the free and independent people of America to a government found to have slipped the bounds of the the Constitution for the United States.


  • I've missed you all!

    After a short furlough, I am back. I apologize for going AWOL but I have returned. Things are bad and worse than ever.War over Ukraine that we are starting. Not Russia.... USA. An economy about to collapse. Near revolution in Nevada. Tyrannical executive branch and a congress that doesn't really care. Majority of Americans struggling to hold onto what they have.I used to believe that a peaceful revolution would work. I hold out for that in hope, but fear it's too late. Especially since I am…
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  • confirmed boots on syrian ground

    Just spoke to senator saxby chambliss' washington office. It is absolutely confirmed U.S. soldiers are being deployed to syria. We are in major trouble.
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  • This is truthful and powerful

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UPk6iKdBBk&feature=youtube_gdata_playerIf only we can get more people as emotional about freedom as this man is. Trying to contact him as he'd be a great ally!
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  • Using CURRENT

    New functionality to CURRENT BLOG!
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"Todd......Yes I know what you are saying. I can tell you that most of the cops where I live will stand by the people and have always acted in a most professional way, at least from what I have seen. In a next town over we see the police acting like…"
"Hey Ronald. I agree with everything you say. Just be careful with the cop hating. While I agree the cops are crooked. While I agree they are power hungry idiots most times. Remember that if the lame streamers are reporting it then it's because there…"
"Todd.....Good to hear from you. Concerned as of lately the tumult this country is going thru lately. What with psycho cops murdering people a psychopathic liar in the white house and a general deterioration of the quality of life in this country; Is…"
"Ronald. Your voice is heard and is being heard. I haven't been posting lately but I've been keeping up. Your words are always welcome and sometimes a little force is needed to sink in the point.
I agree with all you have said except 1 thing. I belie…"
"Hiya everybody who is still alive and has a brain and a heartbeat..........Don't see much activity here and I am concerned. Are you all afraid to write thinking big brother is going to put you on a kill list or something? Things are getting really c…"
"Hi Dave and everybody else........Haven't written for some time as things are developing so fast it is enough to make you want to padlock your head on your shoulders. As you all know we are seeing a slow creep to world war that may bring the world c…"
"everybody out there, pleased read this...............We are experiencing a blight on our liberty as I speak to you. The traitors among us in high positions are sitting, waiting for an ignorant and stupid public to cave in when the shtf. This is not…"
"Hiya Dave.....been a long time since writuing last and will be brief. It has been disappointing that so few people are taking an active interest in their own lives and are preoccupied with superfluous stuff while their lives and country go to hell i…"
"Hello everyone again.....Yes, it is me and I have some thoughts you may want to share. There seems to be a complacency in the general population that everything has gone to hell in a basket and there is nothing you can do about it. Let me let you in…"
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"I just read Gordon Duff's article about the secret space war, NSA Bluffdale, etc., and I can tell you I have been following this type of intel since @ 1970. Having had so many years of slowly learning about these matters, Duff's presentation is no s…"
"Hiya Dave......Been awhile since I wrote last but with all the changes happening time indeed has become a dwindling resorce. What I find hard to grasp is that so many people are content to bury their heads in the sand all the while our country is be…"
"Do we need a government at all? Its a question I've been wrestling with for awhile now. Our government was set up to represent the states to the rest of the world. We handed the federal government that much power and look where we are now.
I would…"
"I will be writing regularly now and hope there are more of you out there who would like to trade thoughts. Let's get this thing up and running again and make it into a viable force for good and a damn bad thing for all the folks who are holding on t…"
"Hey Ron! Yeah the JP Morgan guys forgetting their parachutes is definitely a good sign. The Orwellian pigs as I like to call them are having a hard time with this free speach thing now that alternatives to the official propaganda are so readily avai…"
"hey everybody........back in the groove and hoping Dave is ok and all the rest of you are gearing up for what plans to be a "very interesting summer". With all the race baiting, political lying and general malaise the elites are experiencing; Is it…"